Ascension Symptoms and Solutions

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dolphinspiritualchildAscension  Symptoms  and Solutions


Since a long time now,  have been going through profound changes. I am very grateful that I can share these with you, and this in return offers some relief to me. 


I have  strongly been inclined to ‘spirituality’ ever since I remember. My mother, (who I strongly believe is some great spiritual being and whom I am devoted to) has been very religious and this only served to fashion my habits and thinking into practicing spirituality. I have since a very long time felt that I did not belong here, I would be more truthful if I admitted that I have not found a place on Earth that makes me feel like I was ‘home’. I had some unusual symptoms like acute hearing, extreme spiritual quest and a knowing of some great mission on Earth, I was extremely compassionate – more than normal and was very sensitive, had strong instinct and could suss people out straight away, believed in the paranormal, had carvings for weird stuff like stones and charcoal and even pencil lead (which is shocking I know, but it did not stop me) this condition is classed as ‘PICA’ now. I knew I possessed some great power, I have always felt it. I feel like I could fight the dark force with my Light. I have had many dreams like this and have encountered upon events that have proved this. 


However, for the last few years I noticed I was going through dramatic changes. I almost felt like I was ‘loosing my mind’ at times. Prior to reaching this point, I had become quite ‘materialistic’ – as to striving for a career and using business politics for monetary gains. I never intentionally tried to hurt anyone though, and was still quite spiritual and kind. During these times, I would send hours in book shops and on internet, purchasing and going through countless number of books and spiritual literature. On the other hand I was alarmed at the shocking changes I was going through. My ego-body felt threatened and tried to put up a fight. Being a vegetarian since the age of 14 years, I started to eat meat again – that is after 20 years! I went through many temporary phases like wanting to go out every day and wander around and swim in the materialistic world, languish in the company of other ego- centered beings, etc. Though this was a short phase, it still left me through a roller coaster highs and lows. I also started to feel very very sad. I am convinced I had gone into a silent and very controlled depression, that know one knew about. I started going for Reiki healings (even though I was initiated myself at that time) and desperately tried to reclaim inner peace. I felt lost and out of place. Thanks to my daughter and mother who kept me grounded at these times. I felt tremendous pain and felt like my life had gone totally wrong and I was living my worst nightmare. I wanted to deeply connect to kindred and gentle souls, longed to be part of a family and community. The more I seeked and tried, the more disappointed I became. The kind and loving family and community I desperately needed was not there. Suddenly, I felt more and more disgusted with people’s behaviors, I just could not connect anymore. 


This phase can be best described as a transformation phase. Like the moth turning into a butterfly. It hurts. I started to feel more alienated and out of place, and it made it worse because I never liked the city that I lived in. I constantly felt like I wanted to run away, fly away into another world. I came across Eckhart Tolle’s The power of Now, and a deep spiritual transformation began at a cellular level. I say cellular because it was something that was happening inside of me, and I felt a connection with the cosmos. First time I started to practice meditation, and started to dwell in silence and started to find peace. Sometime here I learnt about ascension. But I did not know about the symptoms. 


I got more and more attracted to these peaceful moments. I had a deep urge to connect to more light and spiritual beings, and that is why I got drawn to the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. I can say that my transformation has been very rapid, and suddenly I started to have a rapid awakening and all the information I needed seemed to be coming to me at the right time. For the past 1 year up to the point where I learned about ascension symptoms, I had started to experience them at an extra ordinary pace. 


If I can recall when they started to accelerate – I’d say that it was at the time when I started to practice stillness in my life and withdraw from the 3D world. I started to experience high states of peacefulness and divine connection, and then extreme low state of anger and frustration and total disassociation. I felt like I could no longer relate to my life. I found disorganization and uncleanliness repelling. I found that I loved being alone, and suddenly did not need to wander around. In fact, I avoid being out and I know how that sounds… but it is part of the reason that one starts to become accustomed to higher vibrational energies and finds 3D energies appalling or hard to adjust to. 


I stopped eating meat, and did not feel like having wine anymore. I know many think it is natural to eat meat, but I cannot think of killing animals and then consuming them. The time of their death, they lock fear which store up negative Chi or energy and when consuming them this negative energy is passed on. Anyway, animals were not meant to be killed and eaten. Our bodies are made up 3/4 of water and we were supposed to eat fruits and consume other vegetables. The whole process is more appealing and obviously, non-violent. Hunting animals and killing them and eating their flesh is violent.

I came across the Ascension symptoms, and finally felt relieved that I was actually going through a wonderful process. These are the symptoms I have felt, check and see if you feel these too. I now feel like I am going through the stage where I am now accustomed to the higher energies, I am rapidly progressing and no longer seek knowledge in book stores, everything I need to know is revealed to me at the right time. I also feel more and more blessed, things are becoming better and it is easier for me to retain peaceful states for longer period of times. The worse of all the spiritual symptoms for me has been in dealing with 3D beings. Suddenly, I felt like I was invisible to people around me. It seemed to me that there was a conspiracy against me, people were avoiding me and I found people very insensitive, cold and materialistic. I craved to be with kind souls, especially loved the company of children. Suddenly I found myself isolated, not able to connect with people or with the world around me. I deeply felt like I missed my own soul family. I craved for enlightened beings and awakened souls in my life, and longed for company of my soul sisters and brothers.


I have since then been rapidly progressing and awakening spiritually. I had a The Re-Connection done, attuned to Reiki and am about to be attuned as a Reiki and Acension Reiki  Master. I have started Yoga, am turning into a fruitarian ( eat more fruits, but still crave eggs and have fish sometimes, and most importantly do not enjoy eating out as much) I walk every evening for an hour or so, and find that very gentle on my soul and it does have an affect on the physical body as the one gets aligned to the Earth’s grid and energies. I do enjoy looking up in the sky alot, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the space ships! Most importantly, I no longer hate being here. I am learning to accept my life and I trust that it is enfolding everything in the perfect order, in the perfect way. I am looking forward to releasing all the negative and old 3D patterns and eagerly await the merging of higher energies and Light, and even more so, awaiting the wonderous events that are about to take place on Earth, and the journey into ascension and the New Golden Age.

Ascension/ Starseed and Spiritual Awakening Symptoms:

  •  Tingling, itching or vibrating activity on top of the head, associated with Light pouring in the Crown Chakra or/and opening of the Crown Chakra. Alternatively, may feel pressure on top of the head. Solutions: Don’t worry, this is normal. have a indian head massage or at the middle of the head with cold water. I do that alot and find it helps somehow. 
  • Unusual body aches- especially neck, upper back and shoulder pains. I have read that sometimes the shoulder blades tingle and prick painfully, and it is a sign of growing back our wings. However, in this case it is associated with changes in the DNA patterns. Solution: I have not found anything yet, accept have all kinds of massages.
  • Sudden wave of emotions- from elated to deep sadness. Remembering of extreme sad situations in the life, and feeling  inexplicably depressed. Get angry at the slightest provocation, over sensitive and no longer able to associate with the self. This is caused by releasing of past pattern and old self. No longer feel like you can tolerate the old 3D world. Solution: At these times, best to cry and let go. Accept the feelings. Make yourself feel better by meditating, sleeping, taking a shower r a long quiet walk. Healing of the Solar Plexus is helpful through Reiki sessions or other alternative methods like deep breathing and yoga.
  • Lots of unsolved issues pop up in your life, people whom you do not like. You need to develop acceptance and learn to forgive rather than fret and revenge. Solution: Learn let go. As you concentrate and envelope the Light, it will be easier to practice unconditional love towards all and as your Light quotient increases, these past hurts fall away and disappear from your sphere.
  • Changes in weight gain, especially on the lower belly. This is said to be because of developing some new organs and patterns. Solution: Accept and trust your body and the process.
  • Suddenly hearing or seeing things. This may not happen to everyone, but as we adjust and re-align to higher energies doorways open and we are sometimes accidently or intentionally tuning into other frequencies around us. 
  • Loss of identity. This happens quite early and maybe one of the first symptoms. The ego-consciousness and body collapses and suddenly we find that we no longer know who we are. We try to grasp to old realities and meanings and associations and personalities – but are no longer able to. Solution: This is probably the worse of all symptoms as you realize that a very significant part of you is no longer alive. This leads to temporary isolation. Meditate much and discover your new true higher self. Make friends with your new identity and grow with it. 
  • ‘Vibrational Flu’ which are similar to flu like symptoms. Body aches, back aches, head aches, neck stiffness, throat aches, muscular spasms, racing heartbeats for couple of seconds only, cramps, changes in sexual desire, eyes paining and ear ache, buzzing in the head and headaches. Solution: Please do check with your doctor first. If ascension symptoms then pop in a paracetamol and rest, drink lots of water.
  • This is the most common- a desire to break away from restrictive and 3D materialistic world and lifestyle. This includes sudden need to change careers, drop old friends and stay away from toxic people, changes in meanings in relationships (especially with spouses if not your Twin soul). An increasingly compelling need to search for your mission, a higher purpose in life. Solution: Though this can be very confusing to the ego mind, this action will offer great relief and will make you feel much better. You will feel ‘de-cluttered’.
  • Need for a simplicity. Suddenly, materialistic things will hold less value to you other than that of maybe making your life simpler- and not to serve greed and selfish purposes. You will find it easier to give -away things. Solution: You should give away whatever you feel that you do not need, make your life simple. Be Yourself. You no longer want to hold onto what you are not, just be yourself. Discover what you truly like and who you really are – a God or a Goddess. 
  • No need to worship at temples and follow man made rituals. You will find that you will be intuitively guided in re-connecting with God and higher beings and masters. Solution: Trust your heart and intuition. Do not feel guilty. Recite the mantras you are drawn to, light an incense, connect the way you feel like.
  • Many synchronized moments numerically especially like when you gaze at a digital watch the time is – 11:11, 08:08, 12:12, 12:21 etc. 
  • Enjoy staying at home. This is because the outside world still exists in a 3d reality, which you find hard to adjust to and find disturbing relating to. Solution: Just enjoy staying at home. Follow your heart. On the other hand, you will be attracted to places of serenity, nature, sea etc.
  • Strong urge to break away from daily chores and responsibilities like mundane appointments and cooking, washing etc. Solution: Good luck! Hopefully you will attract some house helpers. Alternatively, try to work around it and make them more enjoyable.
  • Panic attacks and anxiety attacks. This is because of the changes in the vibrational frequency and the shift in dimensions. As you are moving away from 3 dimensional patterns and frequencies, you feel more vulnerable at times. Solution: Few drops of Rescue Remedy on your tongue and deep breathing. Everything is ok. You are not alone. You are protected.
  • Feeling closer to animals and plant kingdom. Mother Earth is going to ascend with most of these. Touch them more and connect with them.
  • Sudden Dizziness and feelings of ‘Low blood Sugar’. (Applied if you do not have diabetes, please do check with the doctor though). This occurs if you feel ungrounded. Solution: This will pass quite quickly. If persists see doctor.
  • A direct experience of oneness and feeling one with all. Feel connected.
  • Synchronized events begin to take place, and things start to manifest and orchestrate in perfect time.
  • Sudden urge to become authentic and true to your self, no longer need to pretend and please the people you used to in the past. Do not feel scared of consequences, say no when have to. lies and deceptions become intolerable at times. 
  • You find yourself on new spiritual tracks that made little sense to you before. You hunger for the divine knowledge and realize that you are a part of the big picture enfolding and you are to play your important path too.
  • A greater help to need others to follow the Light and wake up.
  • A disquieting sense that things are not the same anymore. Something is happening, and you become more drawn towards it. You look at the materialistic world with complete new eyes, you know that is just an end drama. 
  • ‘Teachers’ begin to appear every where in your life at the perfect time in the form of books, internet sites, people, places, shows, channels, Mother Nature, etc.
  • Impatience. You know that you are in transit, and you have packed your bags (your souls ‘sanskaras’) and are READY TO GO. But the time is not here yet. 


There is nothing to worry about, know that we are not alone. Accept your life as enfolding and trust yourself, purify and simplify yourself, pack your bags – in the form of cleansing your soul, forgiving all and by the Law of Grace releasing all your past life karma. Call upon the ‘Light warriors’ to detach and dissolve the negative, dark or difficult forces and circumstances in your life and lives of your loved ones. Remember Earth is a place of Free-will and no higher being can interfere in your life unless you invite them. Invoke and invite the higher energies.


Love and Light – Jal


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