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divinebabayaadhai-full1It is time now… to unite.

We know that there is not enough time to waste, it is better to be prepared and ‘drop the excess baggage now then to be busted at the border’. I have been a ‘normal’ earthling so far, and maybe a starseed which has been activated. I have followed some simple procedures, or shall I say that I have had a strong impulse to follow these. I would like to share them with you. I feel I have transformed and am a new person after this.. and this process has been opening doors for me and guiding me ever since.

Firstly, I had a very very very strong impulse to ‘let go’ of ‘religion’ (hope the inverts are not annoying but the reason I am using them is to express the worldly way of talking). Religion is something I have found hard to grasp, yet all have at some point desperately tried to follow it in the hope to find the answers we are looking for, or to find the home of God or to feel the sense of ‘belonging’ that we all yearn for. The compulsion to follow rituals was out of my system, and instead there was this longing for a deep connection to God and God consciousness. I live very close to a center named the ‘Light House’ – which is dedicated to serving the teachings of Brahma Kumari Spiritual University and is open to all. I’ve always had a heart tugging feeling that this was a genuine light worker group if not more. I felt drawn for the first time in 9 years to the path. This was a place of positive vibrations, and a simple path towards ascension and Light. Here one had to sit in a quiet room, with Brahma Baba’s photo in front, and light at the back, and perform an open eye meditation (Raj Yog). The open eye meditation or ‘dristhi’ is a way towards meditating in silence, meditating on the Supreme God (which they call Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba was only the vehicle for channeling) and feel that we were peaceful souls, and in the process merge more and more with the God Consciousness. This is not a religion but a spiritual institution. The literature is very positive, and the methods simple. I do not know if the Supreme God is called Shiv Baba, but this knowledge says simply that time is ending now and soon the Golden Age will commence, and that we will be Gods and Goddesses in this age. To be Gods and Goddesses, we need to start to conceive these characteristics or ‘Sanskars’ in our consciousness and soul. The 5 vices of humans must be overcome. At this given time, I had this path infront of me and it appealed to me and I found it in accordance to the ascension process and I decided to walk on it.

Secondly, through the help of this path, I started to practice God consciousness and stopped thinking from the ego. This is very challenging, but it is very important. For more help on this I suggest you read Eckhart Tolle’s books like ‘Power of Now’. The process of re-connecting to one’s own self and God consciousness made me instantly peaceful. I started to experience more peace and it helped me to lift up from the every day pitiful and victimized thinking that arises from the ego-self or pain-body. I used to ‘hate’ the city where I live in. If someone asked me where did I want to live, I would say that I still haven’t found a place on Earth that I felt this is where I wanted to live. I especially DID NOT like it here. But after this process (spiritual awakening) I have felt a sweet peaceful state coming over me. It does not matter where I live now, which circumstances I am in now – as I feel that I have found an access to a sweet peaceful state – which I guess is called God Consciousness.

Thirdly, I have started to enjoy doing things I never used to like. I understand that I don’t want to wander around town aimlessly, I don’t feel a need to. I don’t want to associate with people I used to, not that I am going out of my way to avoid them but just naturally feel drawn towards being content in my own circle. I have let down invitations to parties and the scene of crowds, drinking and loud music just does not appeal anymore. Instead, being near nature, being alone or with selected company, meditating, reading and cooking food myself (which I hated earlier and had no need to do as we have a cook) sounds more appealing to me now. I enjoy these little simple moments in my life, and almost feel bashful for this new found inner blissful state. I used to love going out and eating out, but now I don’t feel so happy doing it. It just ruins my peaceful state and I find myself a need to meditate or trying to gain that consciousness again. I would have argued to anyone earlier who tried to preach this way of life to me, but who would win an argument coming from the hurt, ego-self or the quick and clever thinking of the pain-body? I would not want to argue with that, because how could someone have described to me a taste / sight that I had never experienced before? This is something that you need to taste and experience to feel and know. Once this sweet God Consciousness is experienced – everything else seems dull in contrast.

I am not so perfect yet, I still get angry and still get upset, but I feel like I am progressing rapidly. I also found Ashtar Command and literature on Ascension that I feel would only be able to be received by selected few. I don’t think that everyone believes in this or are scared to because they don’t want to let go of the material 3D world. I read Ben Arion’s article on symptoms of Spiritual Awakening yesterday and I was shocked! It seemed to me like it was directed at me. In the risk of sounding conceited I must admit this. What I am trying to say my fellow Light workers, is that we may each read it and feel that it is directed to us. That is how precise the symptoms feel! Then at one point he says that … ‘you can write your novel’ and that was shocking as I am writing a novel! So these sort of sweet synchronicities increase on a daily basis. Teachers appear etc. I just met a Reiki Master. I am going to pursue Reiki masters and have started to practice Reiki healing on myself and others which I had not been doing now that I have second degree Reiki initiation. I am a publisher but suddenly found the business a rat race and very materialistic and decided to get out it and instead just remain as the editor and designer. I enjoy the design and writing process. Now I feel that my life is has come into some order, and I have found what I want to do and where I want to be.

Some days ago I suddenly remembered a prayer I used to say every day when I was younger and which I had forgotten totally! I said it when I got initiated and felt the presence of many angels around me. I urge you all to adept this prayer into your daily routine and consciousness. Say it before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep, say it when you are in nature and feeling peaceful. I am not a ‘Christian’ – but like I already mentioned, i don’t believe in religion now… only in God.

” Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace.
Where there is hatred ~ let me show Love,
Where there is injury ~ let me give Pardon,
Where there doubt ~ let me have Faith,
Where there is darkness ~ let me spread Light.
Where there is sadness ~ help me find Joy.

Grant that I may not so much seek to be understood as to Understand,
To be loved as to Love.

Then miracle shall follow miracles, and wonders shall never cease.
Amen. So be it. It is Done.”

Another profound change has taken place. I used to get panic attacks. I would constantly find myself spraying the Rescue Remedy onto my tongue (Bach Flower Remedies) or popping a pill of ‘Kalms’ into my mouth. My fear has disappeared. I don’t feel scared anymore. I have a brother-in-law who has gone mental and is a severe alcoholic. He isn’t allowed in our space but I have still been very scared of him because of his terrorizing behavior and abusive loud and angry language. Suddenly, I find myself not scared of him! I suddenly felt like my fear had snapped, I did not feel angry at him but started to feel sorry for him. I felt that God would not allow anything bad to happen to me now. I truly don’t understand how and why, but this is amazing. It is a trusting process, a feeling that everything will be alright. Everything is alright, we are not alone, we are taken care of. I think I could say that I feel ‘delivered’ or ‘received’ … you get my point.

This is possible. Everyone must first decide. Decide if you want to remain in a fake 3D materialistic world or want to be part of the wonderous New World or Golden Age where you can reclaim your deity status. No one can force anything on you, you will just know, you will be the one to decide. If you are a stardeed, you will be activated. In fact, I feel that if you are reading this – you must be an activated Starseed or some divine soul.

I pray for you. Simply close your eyes and start to meditate in the silence of the night, and meditate on Light. All the answers will start to be revealed to you. Also, I ask you to invite the Light Warriors who have been sent to us on Earth at this time. Invite them to help you, to disintegrate your negative patterns and dissolve your addictions, to detach any evil and dark forces that may have latched themselves on you. The Light Warriors will only come if you ask them to as no divine being can interfere your free will. Invite the Light Workers too. At this point, let us thank the Ashtar Command and all those Light Beings who are working so sincerely to help us ascend. Feel compassion for Gaia, our Mother Earth and pat her and send her good vibrations. Hug trees and send your love and Light, imagine it going down the roots and spreading into the Earth and filling it with Light.

At this point, the more Light and blessings you give, ten-folds will return to you.


Love & Light – Jal Patel


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