If it Hurts ask for Help

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You're so loved

You are so Loved

It seems some of us are still operating from our pain or ego body, instead of working from soul or higher consciousness. This is not the time to get attached to worldly things and begin to dissect politics, human behavior, financial circumstances etc. This is the time to see the big picture, and trust that everything is coming together. We know that very little time is left and we know better than those who are still wrapped in ‘old world thinking ‘. That is the whole point of being awakened Star Seeds, Indigo children, Angels and Spiritually awakened beings… we have a much more bigger role to play: We need to be ready so that we can help others when they need us. It is damn hard I know, living and managing in two different realities, or so it seems. Feeling sleepy in afternoons, waking up in the middle of the night and being wide awake, changing eating patterns, feeling more different and alienated from most people, relationship changes, career change, feeling almost like an out cast, feeling over emotional most of the time, avoiding loud places, feeling disoriented at parties and clubs, no interest in finance, getting body aches in weird places like the crown, neck, eyes, shoulder blades. Heart flutterings, needing to be alone more often and in quiet places, weird food craving, sudden diet changes, crazy mood swings from happy to sad, feeling a ‘ready to go home’… but where? Lucky are you who can see the star ships, who can see lights in the sky, who can channel higher beings and see angels, who can astral travel and get solid proofs that there is a world co-existing with ours, but some of us just have to go with extreme radar like instincts and strong feelings. Wish we could have some re-assurance too.. and this is the only place where we find it when we can be in touch with you all. I love the Ashtar Command and the Intergalactic Fleets and their mission, the first time I heard the name and about them, it rang a bell. I feel so torn at times I want to break down and cry. Waiting and becoming more and more awakened is getting very tiring and painful. I find that this website has many questions answered. It is getting difficult, but we have been re-assured that for the Star seeds and awakened ones things will be made easier and paths will be cleared. I also believe that we can call upon the Real Light Warriors, and doing so we can invite them to clear blockages and dark entities, evil energies and psychic attacks, evil spells which have attached themselves to us or to our environment and can disintegrate these, dissolve and dissipate them. We know that we are to become like God and Goddesses in the New World, we need to start preparing ourselves and that is the gift we can offer to Ashtar Command, Our Father and all celestial beings and Mother Earth, and all those who are helping to raise the frequency of this planet and help it and us to ascend. If we cannot match these high frequencies, there is no way we can ascend because the Light is a very high frequency and our 3rd dimensional bodies cannot take it. We need to increase our Light. We can decide to spend time arguing, dissecting and judging with our limited body conscious mind or work through our higher consciousness and limitless mind. We can continue to fret and doubt and procrastinate our awakening… or we can accept ourselves as awakened beings, trust the flow, grow our Light and help and inspire others around us… and anyway, BEING GOOD HAS NEVER HURT ANYONE ACCEPT MAYBE THE ONESELF. It is hard, and feels lonely and isolating at times, sometimes it feels very painful being Good, because we sacrifice, we gulp down the words instead of spitting them out, we understand and always see the other person’s point of view… we feel so hurt when people are mean to us and so materialistic and manipulating… God it hurts. I call upon the Good, the Higher beings, the Divine Light, Ashtar Command and the Light Warriors- to help us through this awakening, to soothe our paths and protect us from the harsh winds of negativity, balm our wounds and hush our cries… please help us by dealing with the negative and difficult forces and energies around us so that our spirits do not break and we can work according to the plan.  

If there is anything else that you need to know or something we can address to then you are welcome to leave a comment and we will help you.

Love & Light – Jal Patel


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